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Governor™ 80M2 - Universal Toilet Fill Valve

Governor™ 80M2 – A Feature Rich Toilet Fill Valve

An improperly functioning toilet can be a significant source of wasted water. Once installed, the Governor™ 80M2 Toilet Fill Valve employs a leak sensor that detects a leaking toilet flapper and prevents the tank from continuously refilling. In addition, the Governor™ 80M2 includes an adjustable flow control device that ensures the tank will only fill to the appropriate level each time. A traditional toilet bowl often overfills, resulting in wasted water (up to 12% per flush).

The Governor™ 80M2 also has its predecessor’s unique surge release feature. If you suffer from banging or knocking water pipes, the built-in surge release protects your plumbing from costly pressure surges due to thermal expansion. All in all, a pretty handy replacement fill valve that’s easy to install (no tools required) and fits all brands of toilets.


  • Compatible with all major toilet brands
  • Protects against costly pressure surges due to thermal expansion
  • Conserves water – up to 12% per flush
  • Prevents costly waste by shutting off water to a leaking toilet
  • Compact design with simple height adjustment – can be fine tuned after installation

Pressure - Temperature

  • Maximum Working Pressure: 80psi (552 kPa)
  • Temperature Range: 33ºF - 110ºF (0.5ºC - 43.3ºC)


  • Body: ABS and Acetal Plastic
  • Gasket: Black rubber


  • Size: 8¾ to 12¾ in. (222 to 324mm)
  • Leak sensor alerts you to a leaking toilet
  • Surge release limits the supply line pressure to 80psi
  • Simple installation – no tools required
  • Adjustable water flow control conserves water
  • Manual float lock allows toilet to be used until repair can be made

Governor™ 80M2 – The Swiss Army Knife of Toilet Fill Valves

With the emphasis on environmental responsibility, today’s homeowner is looking for ways to conserve water. A toilet that is not functioning properly can be a major source of water waste.

Remedy the problem with the Governor™ 80M2 Toilet Fill Valve. Once installed, the Governor™ 80M2 has a Leak Detection feature that can sense the toilet’s tank is leaking. This is most often due to a defective flapper. When this happens the Governor™ 80M2’s float lock engages and shuts down the tank’s ability to refill. A subsequent attempt to flush that releases no water will alert the homeowner that there is a problem. The float lock can be manually overridden so the toilet can be used until a repair is made.

The Governor™ 80M2 Toilet Fill Valve not only handles leaks but protects against pressure surges as well. This feature, unique to the Governor™ 80M2, limits the supply line pressure. If the water pressure rises above that recommended line pressure, the fill valve will release this excess pressure. A potentially cost saving feature, the Governor™ 80M2 eliminates the need for a thermal expansion tank in line with the water heater.

The Governor™ 80M2 conserves water in a second way. It has an adjustable flow control, which is basically a thumb screw clamp installed on the primer tube. Each time the toilet bowl fills, a certain amount of water spills over the overflow tube and exits down the trap. This water is wasted unnecessarily. The Governor™ 80M2 comes with instructions on the method of adjustment so that the tank only fills to the level needed, without overfilling.

The Governor™ 80M2 – a toilet fill valve that’s feature rich and installs without tools.

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