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Backflow Prevention

Educational Brochures

2000 National Standard Plumbing Code Reprint


Lit#: F-NSPC.pdf
File Size: 461 kb

2000 Uniform Plumbing Code Reprint


Lit#: F-UPC.pdf
File Size: 1.14 mb

2000 International Plumbing Code Reprint


Lit#: F-IPC.pdf
File Size: 1.79 mb

EPA Cross-Connection Control Manual Reprint


Lit#: EPAManual_Watts.pdf
File Size: 2.3 mb

Watts Backflow Cross Reference Guide


Lit#: CR-BP.pdf
File Size: 72 kb

Residential Backflow Prevention Brochure


Lit#: F-DCV.pdf
File Size: 996 kb

Backflow Disaster Lurks Brochure


Lit#: F-BDL.pdf
File Size: 987 kb

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Learn About

USC Cross-Connections in Household Plumbing Systems Study

There are a number of potential cross-connections in household plumbing systems that must be protected against backflow. To learn more about these hazards and to download a recent study from USC on cross-connections in household plumbing systems,

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Featured Item

Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester & Training School Directory

Offering the largest online directory of Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers & Training Schools in Canada. This free service gives you exposure and presence in the backflow community.

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